On: Failure

We speak of failure as if it’s a disease.
We need to talk about it though. 
Broadcast our failures so we can learn from each other’s mistakes.
Instead we prance around only sharing our highlight reels.
No bloopers, stirring up envy in our frenemies
because we’re afraid to admit we’re flawed and
we choose to give ourselves anxiety while hiding all our flaws in the mental walls
Hoping they’d go away
Never to be displayed in fear the world will use them against us.

Don’t give up. Never speak a word of the secrets we’ve buried.
Everybody’s so worried with being perfect that we forget to be human.
We don’t even realize what we’re doing.
By refusing to accept nothing less than perfection
we’re raising generations of kids who will fear rejection
They’ll be so afraid of failure that they miss out on the valuable lessons

Every failure I’ve encountered made me stronger & wiser. 

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