Happy Mon(Daè) 013

To say I’ve been embracing my  inner free spirit would be the understatement of the century as I’ve always been one to follow wherever my soul takes me. My mom is super encouraging as she’s always telling me that the worst thing that can happen is you get a no and as Jojo says best, I’ve heard too many yeses to cry about a no.

Summer is almost here and my Summer resolutions involve roller-coasters, quick getaways and spending every day possible in a bikini.

Mondays do call for a celebration of a new week to create new experiences and expose yourself to new opportunities. Cheers to that.

Chocolate Moosey is a blog ran by a fellow Pittsburgher and she has a recipe for a Orange Vanilla Margarita that I can’t wait to make.

I’m Rockin’

My high school reunion was last week and I found this dress last minute on Amazon. I had such a great time that pictures didn’t happen but the dress exceeded my expectations.

Every year I design a shirt for my little cousin who has epilepsy and we raise funds to participate in the Walk for Epilepsy. This year I designed the shirt in yellow and I’m in love with it! I’m sharing it with everyone I know just in case they want to support the cause. 

In the spirit of What do I get the girl who has everything,I made my best friend a tee shirt for her birthday and we’re rocking them next weekend to Cedar Point. Shout out to Custom Ink. They always come through when I want to design last minute presents.

I’ve had the same backpack since college and before it was mine it was my older cuzzo who had always been like a big sister to me. Needless to say it’s time for a new backpack because I never know when I’m going to need an overnight bag or take my computer somewhere. I figured why not get something that matches my luggage? I grabbed this Marvel Backpack.

412 Fresh

Food Truck Roundup Under the Bridge

Food trucks are life! I’ve checked out a decent amount of them and they come to my job every now and then. A lot of people don’t know that food trucks meet under the Homestead Bridge the first Saturday of every month and in June trucks like Southside BBQ, The Steer and Wheel, and Bull Dawgs are a few of the trucks in the lineup. There’s a DJ and brews provided by Voodoo Brewery and Blue Dust.

Primantis is giving away free sandwiches

Primanti Brothers is opening a new location in Homestead on May 17th and like their sandwiches, the opening is going to be a big event! DJ, beverages, and the first 100 people to enter the new restaurant will get a year of free sandwiches.

Carrie Furnace is Hosting Thrival Festival 2017 

Thrival Festival 2016

Last year The Chainsmokers performed and besides a few logistical hiccups the music festival was a great time and venue is freakin’ gorgeous.

Now Playing

The Chainsmokers “Wake Up Alone” featuring Jhene Aiko – The Chainsmokers & Jhene Aiko are an unexpected collaboration but very much appreciated.

DJ Cassidy ft Grace “Honor” – Not a fan of Lil’Yachty but Grace’s voice mixed with DJ Cassidy’s production skills has me jamming to this song in my car quite often.

Cashmere Cat featuring Ariana Grande “Quit You” – Ariana’s vocals and Cashmere’s vibes makes for a great arrangement. I saw them both live and concert and just about died in my seat. Ariana needs no gimmicks or background dancers as she’s the real deal.

 That’s it for this roundup of Monday randomness. Do stay tuned this week for the best taco spots in the 412. 🌮

Have a positive week,



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