Dancing with Strangers: Thrival Fest 2016

Thrival Festival 2016


The Chainsmokers are everywhere and September of 2016 they were here in Pittsburgh rocking Thrival Festival at Swissvale’s (how it’s under the Rankin Bridge & in Swissvale I’ll never understand) Carrie Furnace. It’s such a beautiful venue and is the perfect mix of industrial and serene. Every spot is a good spot when it comes to watching the show. I enjoyed dancing with strangers, eating food from the multiple food trucks, and laughing and talking with friends who had never experienced a Pittsburgh festival like this. There’s music, food, drinks and vendors to keep you occupied. Sure, they ran out of water one day and promptly put up refillable stations the next day. Sure, Ty Dolla $ign cancelled last minute and I still have wooden drink tokens from drinks I gave up on getting. You had to stand in line to buy chips to use as currency to stand in another line to actually get a foamy brew that was being poured in empty wine bottles to get rid of said foam. I hope they fix last year’s logistical hiccups as the 2017 lineup is bigger than I ever imagined.

Thrival Festival 2016

The music made up for my frustrations as it’s kind of hard to stay mad while jamming to “Closer” at a riverside industrial venue while The Chainsmokers are performing directly in front of you. At five years old Thrival is fairly new and every year they improve themselves learning from the last. Just being around in Pittsburgh for five years is a feat within itself. I couldn’t imagine partying this hard twice a year that’s why Thrival Music Fest only comes around once a year.

Thrival Festival 2017 Lineup

Last year I was a Thrival Festival Volunteer helping with stage prep and with acts like Wiz Khalifa, Logic, Kiiara and Super Duper Kyle, I’ll most definitely be purchasing my ticket and praying that they can pull off a good time. Thrival Festival’s lineup alone is enough to make this one of the best music experiences in Pittsburgh. Tickets are officially available and I’m optimistic about the Thrival Experience as it’s in its own lane when it comes to Pittsburgh Events. Keep your ear out for all things Thrival Festival and later on in the year I may drop some Thrival Survival Tips for 2017.

Heading to Cedar Point this weekend. Have a positive Friday.



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