Happy Mon(Daé) 014

Happy Mon(Daè)! I can’t believe we’re more than halfway finished with 2017! It feels like we’ve been in the twilight zone or something but life goes on. I recently took a weekend getaway and it left me really motivated and refreshed. I’ve been doing my freelance graphic designing and picked up another freelance writing client. Life has me content and I have to remember that it’s okay to stop and smell the roses in between goals.

& I’m Rockin’

I was on the fence about this dress but Amazon comes through! This is my second dress I’ve found on Amazon for under $20 and I’m impressed.

& 412 Fresh

Bakery Square is having a Beach Party on July 21st. Celebrate the summer with live music and over a dozen food trucks partying for a cause. Proceeds from the event is going to the Pittsburgh Promise. Stay posted on all things on the Beach Party shenanigans on their Facebook page. 

Picklesburgh is coming. The celebration of all things pickles pops off July 28th and runs until July 29th. Enjoy pickle themed fare and drinks on the Clemente Bridge because why not?

Support local fashion designers and entrepreneurs at Fierce the Runway 17. The extravaganza  goes down on July 30th at Teamsters Local Union 249. Expect bold fashion, lots of vendors, live music and yummy treats. For more on this glamtastic event check out Pittsburgh Style and Glam’s Official Site.

Alla Famiglia Tiramisu

If you missed it, I checked out Alla Famiglia and it lived up to the hype. Read my review.

& Now Playing

Little Mix’s “Power” sounds like a strong contender to be in rotation this summer. It gives me an old Christina Aguilera “Can’t Hold Us Down” vibe.

There’s no doubt in my mind that DJ Khaled knew what he was doing when he put Bryson Tiller and Rihanna on an old Carlos Santana beat. This is the soundtrack to summer 2017.

Everyone that knows me know that I’m a big Nashville fan. Lennon Stella from the show sung the heck out of this song “Saved.” It gives me chills every time I hear it.

& Happy Links

Raven Symone is back and young and old are going to gather to see her new Disney Channel series. I think I may like her more here than on The View. Good move Raven. Good move!

Man turns pot holes into pools.

This dog got let go from K9 training for being too friendly. 


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