4 More Food Trucks in the 412

Some food trucks don’t brave the winter cold, so with warmer weather comes more food trucks! Pittsburgh food trucks are popping up left and right. I’ve tried some great ones like Mac and Gold’s Rosemary garlic fries on top of their golden mac and cheese to Cool Beans funnel cake fried cannolis. It’s been more good than bad. For “research” purposes I’ve been checking them all out and here’s another round of delicious trucks to try out. If you missed the first round of food truck reviews, do check it out

Pittsburgh Sandwich Society


Pittsburgh Sandwich Society Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Pittsburgh Sandwich Society Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Photo Credit 📷 :@justdae

Twitter: @pghsandwiches

This was worth being a tad late from my lunch break. I was worried this grilled chicken sandwich would lack texture because I opted out on the bacon as I don’t eat pork. They one upped it with chips! It made me feel like a bit of a kid every time I bit into it. I rejoiced at not having to use the ketchup I put on the side because this sandwich is packed with flavor that makes it well worth the nine dollars they asked for. Did I inhale it pretty quickly at my desk? Yes! The other surprise was for someone who doesn’t like avocados they made me a believer today. They have a spicy avocado Mayo and my oh my! I guess if you’re gonna put sandwich in the name you gotta be golden at it. The service was pretty great as they moved quickly to have such a line.

Eat Gaucho

Gaucho Asado Smoked Wings
Photo 📸 Credit: @justdae

Twitter: @asadowagon

I’ve never been to Gaucho’s restaurant but after hearing the reviews of it I instantly decided to check out the mobile truck. I knew I was in for a treat when I saw the smoker connected to the truck. It tastes as great as it smells. I immediately thought “All that money for three wings it better be worth it.” It was that and beyond! The people on the truck are awesome peeps and the food was just as great. The chicken was tender, flavorful and perfectly seasoned. Gaucho is like gourmet BBQ. I would definitely put them in my top five food trucks in the Burgh.

Brassero Grill

Photo Credit: Brassero Grill Facebook

Twitter: @Brasserogrill

They always have quite the wait but it’s worth it every time. It’s not their fault that people know great food. On that note, I asked for a veggie quesadilla and they put some kind of potato on there that blew me away. I can never finish their whole quesadilla but I always want to. I always want to so bad. Recently I checked them out and I’m excited to hear they’re opening a restaurant in Braddock as these guys know service and flavor.

Alberta’s Pizza

Alberta's Pizza
Photo Credit: @justdae

Twitter: @albertaspizza

Not all pizza is made the same. In fact this one is made in a old fashioned brick oven and sheesh it’s a gem. Every personal pizza is made to order and has just the right balance of sauce to crust. It’s like a marriage of flavors and I don’t see a divorce in sight. These guys know pizza. My fav is the Classic Margherita. Sometimes I take the personal in personal pizza to heart and devour the whole thing. These guys tend to pop up on some Fridays at the Brew Gentlemen. Thank me later as this pizza is addicting and you will be back for more.

The best thing about food trucks is the whole no reservations needed thing. Waiting in line can be a bummer but it’s always quite the experience once you get the food. These are just my favs. I’m always excited to discover everyone else’s favs. The Incline just crowned Hottest Dawgz as the best. What’s your favorite food truck in the Burgh? Comment your fav below.


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