Want Fries With That?

When you’re in Pittsburgh you do as the Yinzers do. French fries aren’t just a side dish here they’re sometimes the star! Sure you can be basic and just get Potato Patch fries with everything on them at Kennywood but there is so much more to Pittsburgh fries than just that. Here are some of the most amazing dishes that make the French fries a part of the dish and not just a side. 

Primanti Bros Sandwiches

The first time at Primanti Bros I was confused. I ordered a turkey sandwich with fries and when it got to my table I was confused! I don’t like coleslaw and not only was it on my sandwich but so were the fries and when I asked for them to take it back they looked at me like I was crazy. That was when I was introduced to the Primanti way. As a kid I didn’t know any better, now I dive in and it’s like carb heaven after a night on Carson. French fries do belong on sandwiches here.

Plaza Azteca Enchiladas

Plaza Azteca Pittsburgh

One day on a whim I was in Robinson Township wanting Mexican food and I wandered in here. Boy was I glad that I did. Not only are their margaritas amazing but they make fresh guac at the table for you. I don’t like guac and I was impressed! The thing that put me over the edge was when I ordered a chicken enchilada thinking it was going to be all basic and man! It came with French fries on top of it making it one of the top enchiladas I’ve ever had.

Pittsburgh Salad @ Pretty Much Anywhere

As far as I’m concerned you can have your croutons and I’ll keep my fries! If you’ve been in Pittsburgh you’ve noticed the whole fries on the salad thing and you can get fries on your salad anywhere they sell both because it’s freakin’ genius! I enjoy buffalo chicken salad with fries as a topping. I regret nothing either because adding Ranch to the occasion even makes it better! It’s like if just plain salad had a cooler sibling, this would be it and other salads are just sadness. Pizza Milano has a pretty decent one that comes in a variety as far as how you want your chicken.

Mac & Gold Rosemary Garlic Fries

You know how’s there’s lifehacks? Well I call this a comfort food hack. One time after standing in the rain for ten minutes waiting for their famous lump crab Mac & Cheese (because if you’re going to specialize in something you better be amazing at it) I decided I shouldn’t have to choose between Mac & Goodness when I could have both. I put the fries on my Mac & Cheese and felt like I died and went to a gooey, carb filled heaven. I almost cried. I’m also very glad I don’t see this truck often because my thighs would hate me!

At one point of time “Do you want fries with that,” was a joke and in Pittsburgh we’re serious about our French fries and the answer is without a doubt “yes!” I never realized that the French fry obsession wasn’t normal until some out of town friends looked at me like I had two heads when I told them about the whole Pittsburgh salad thing! What’s your favorite French fry dish that you’ve had in Pittsburgh?  Please don’t say the Potato Patch (I get it they’re addicting)!

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