412 Fresh: 4 Events in the 412

Sometimes it seems like there are a million things to do in Pittsburgh or nothing at all. There is no in between. With the weekend on the horizon and a Superior Motors reservation tomorrow I’m excited to attempt to check out some of the coolest events in town. Here are four events that need to be on your radar for the weekend.

Pgh Style and Glam Expo & Fierce the Runway

When. July 29 & 30
Where. Phipps Garden Center/Local 249 Banquet Hall
Tickets. Pgh Style & Glam

Yes it’s a mouthful to remember but it needs to be. I was excited to learn this event is bigger than last year even in its infancy. Created by Pittsburgh fashionista James Patterson, this event brings together local fashionistas, models and yummy vendors. This year the event is two days including an expo with fashion and beauty panelists and pedis. There’s also talk of a Pittsburgh fashion reality show and Jamyce is happy to announce her newest modeling agency. No wonder why this girl is nominated for a Pittsburgh style award. She doesn’t just come up with these grand ideas but she knows how to execute them.


When. July 28th and 29th

Where. Roberto Clemente Bridge 

Tickets. Free 

In the city of black and gold there is a festival for everything. Rather our favorite sports team just won the championship or we’re celebrating our love for zombies, we’ll find something to toast to. Next up is Picklesburgh. In what sounded like a joke a few years ago, Picklesburgh is a real thing and it’s like dying and falling into a pickle themed heaven.
If it can be pickled, it’s there! July 28th and 29th from noon to 10pm immerse yourself in the zany thing that is Picklesburgh. Yes, it’s free and it’s held on the Roberto Clemente Bridge and you’ll probably get bumped into a few times as it gets crowded very quickly but it’s all in good fun.
The highlights are the live music, larger than life Macy’s sized pickle balloon, a pickle mascot, cocktails and a pickle juice drinking competition (because why not). As someone who loves pickles, I attended in 2015 and the kid in me is excited to go again because let’s face it, no one goes to a party on a bridge expecting personal space.

Science Of Brewing

Where. Carnegie Science Center
When. July 28th
Tickets. Here

Judging by the ever so large crowds, the cat is out of the bag about Carnegie Museums and Science Center’s  21 and over nights. Every month there’s a new theme as the establishments that are usually bustling with kids are shut off to anyone under the legal drinking age. The last one I attended was the Science Center’s Art of making Candy and we made candy and indulged in candy themed cocktails. You would be surprised by how many people enjoy drinking and learning something new. This go around its about brewing beer. Enjoy samples and a special glass along with some brewed experiments.


Where. Savoy
When. July 29th
Tickets. Fashion Served

All of a sudden everyone is fashionista in Pittsburgh. Indulgence is more than a fashion show and brunch it’s a preview of a collaboration between Brown Sugar and FFVN. Enjoy the fashion, brunch buffet and the bottomless mimosas at Savoy. What else could you want for brunch?

There’s no such thing as there’s nothing to do when it comes to this particular weekend. There are no excuses to just lounge on the couch binging shows on Netflix but I’m not judging. What events are on your radar this weekend?

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