412 Fresh: Things to do Before Summer Ends

Although it’s been feeling a bit fall-ish outside, summer is still here to stay. Pittsburgh is full of outdoor adventures and it’s important to soak it up because once winter comes we’ll wish we spent more time doing summer things. Here’s a few more adventures you must take before the summer ends.

Nakama Sushi from their food truck

Attend a Food Truck Roundup
With dozens of food trucks in the Pittsburgh area you’re bound to find one or two regular roundups close to you. My closest is a roundup the first Saturday of every month underneath the bridge in Homestead. One that’s in the super near future is a roundup at Heinz Lofts on August 15th. All you really have to say to entice me is there will be good food and good people. And for those who turn their noses at eating food from a truck you’re missing out. Some of the most exciting food I’ve had came from a truck. How about a funnel cake fried cannoli? 

Photo Credit 📷 : Cultural District Website

Go on a Gallery Crawl
Art is important and Pittsburgh has quite the local art scene. Join in on a crawl through the Cultural District and enjoy drinks along the way. You may make new friends and find a new favorite artist. The next crawl is September 22nd and the great part about this event is it’s free.

Check out the Market Square Farmer’s Market – When most people think of attending a Farmer’s Market they think just buying produce and leaving. The Downtown Pittsburgh Partnership,  which doesn’t believe in doing anything small took the idea of a farmer’s market and pretty much turned it into a vendor party in Market Square. Every Thursday enjoy live music, delicious food, and all the local vendors a person could ask for.

Go on a river cruise  Before living in New York (briefly) I thought cruises were things you went on for a few days but nope. River cruises are actually a thing and Pittsburgh Luxury Cruises have everything from Harry Potter themed boat rides to wine and beer cruises. Take a look at the upcoming events because why not?

Photo Credit 📷 : City Brew Tours Instagram

The Pittsburgh scene is brewing with new breweries in the most random neighborhoods and City Brews Tour saw a golden opportunity. Gather your friends and tour some of the local breweries without worrying about transportation from place to place. You know what would make this adventure less fun? Winter! So book one while it’s still warm outside.

The greatest thing about summers on the east coast is that we have winter. Without winter we wouldn’t miss summer so much. So what are you waiting for?  Experience a new thing this summer that isn’t on everyone’s bucket list.

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