If Season 4 of The 100 Was Nuclear Season 5 is Intense

Season 4 of CW’s The 100 ended with the end of the world and we’re still waiting to see who survived and who didn’t. I’ve said it before that this show is beyond awesome because it toys with morality and this thought of who exactly is the villain. It seems like all the clans in this show take turns being the villain trying to do what’s best for their people to survive. If you’ve never watched the show, what are you doing with your life?

The 100 follows the lives of 100 juveniles prisoners who are sent to Earth to see if it’s survivable centuries after a nuclear apocalypse. The 100 had been spending their time in prison for small crimes when they lived in space. They determine not only is Earth survivable but they aren’t the only humans to inhabit it. Each season faces a bigger issue of trying to coexist with these “grounders” and how to not only survive but to live. Season 4 followed The 100 as they dealt with an artificial intelligence chip that created a bit of cult like following between clans, and to top that off they discovered the world was ending again. Season 4 was intense but it had so many great quotes.

Justice and vengeance are not the same thing. Kane; The 100 S4E4

If Season 4 of The 100 Was Nuclear Season 5 is Intense

Murphy’s survival in general is remarkable. He’s outlived so many people I thought he wouldn’t.

Survival is a team sport. – Clarke Griffin S4E13

I want humanity to survive even if it’s not my people. Clarke S4E10

Do better today than we did yesterday. Bellamy Blake S4E11

Like it or not we’re all grounders now. Kane S4E10

Who you want to be doesn’t always win. – Kane; The 100 S4E7

You need a selfish bastard. I’m your man. Murphy S4E11

If Season 4 of The 100 Was Nuclear Season 5 is Intense

Who needs food when you have love? Murphy; S4E9

Yesterday we were right. Today we have to live with being wrong. – Clarke The 100 S4E11

You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved. – Kane; The 100 SE12

Who you wanna be doesn’t always win. – Kane; The 100 S4E7

If Season 4 of The 100 Was Nuclear Season 5 is Intense

“Octavia is dead. She died when you killed Lincoln.” Octavia S4E6

No leader starts wanting to lie to their people. We make the best decisions with the information that we have then hope there’s a forgiving God. Thelonius; The 100 S4E2

If Season 4 of The 100 Was Nuclear Season 5 is Intense

All I really want in season 5 is for my ship Bellarke to happen! I’m not holding my breath on that though as Bellamy and Clarke would have to be on the same planet for that to work. Also, if Octavia could find love again that would be awesome but this show is notorious for not depending on romantic relationships to drive the story lines. It’s as if the writers don’t care about our ships. What are some of your hopes for season 5?

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