What’s Up with The Pittsburgh Zombie Den?

There’s a pop-up bar in Market Square! The Zombie Den has about two zombies and a fake dead person in the window. It’s more like a bar decorated for Halloween and has a few zombies as an afterthought. Technically, it’s a zombie-ish bar.  Like, they met their quota for zombies but just barely. After visiting everyone wanted to know did this place live up to the hype?

What's Up with The Pittsburgh Zombie Den?
This animotronic was the coolest thing in the building. You could even get a picture with it.

Yesterday I ventured to Market Square’s most talked about newest attraction brought to you by the Scarehouse and it was meh! As a Halloween enthusiast, I kind of expected to be wowed or spooked  I’ve been to the Scarehouse and was expecting a few bells and whistles and I feel like someone tried but didn’t finish the vision.

A few of the bartenders were dressed in military attire and the ten dollar drinks were zombie inspired but it didn’t feel like Halloween to me. It felt more of, “Hey, we’re going to dabble in this idea” and you can’t halfway do Halloween. The service was scary fast and that was the best thing about the place. The people here were awesome and they’re well informed on the menu.

What's Up with The Pittsburgh Zombie Den?
The drink menu.

For the drinks, I tried the W.H.O Let The Virus Out and Cure for Pain. Both were delicious but it didn’t have a wow factor. It didn’t feel like ten dollars. You don’t get to keep the cute zombie plastic cup either. There’s no brains for decoration in the drinks and I kind of felt that was a missed opportunity. I also went for the crab bites as they have a small food menu and they were okay at best. They were four for five dollars  The music was awesome, the fog set the mood but it all felt like an apocalypse hit before they could finish. The Zombie Den is located within The Original Oyster House and it’s open 7pm-midnight, Wednesdays through Sundays in October.

What's Up with The Pittsburgh Zombie Den?

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