Will Season 6 of The 100 Finally Get it Right?

Ahh! April 30th can’t come soon enough. Our favorite strong willed juvenile survivors are returning to our television screens to maybe destroy another planet. I’m an optimist by nature but judging from the season six trailer it seems they’re trying to get it right but they still can’t. This show that’s nothing less than my obsession has me excited to watch them try to figure it out.

Will Season 6 of The 100 Finally Get it Right?

The last season left off with the crew returning to the sky after destroying the last survivable land on Earth because sharing is not caring. They soon realize that the sky isn’t any better and their  hopes and dreams are crushed when they discover they have to take cryogenic naps until Monty can find a new planet for the team to Columbus. At the end of the finale Monty and Harper’s son Jordan wakes up and immediately alerts Bellamy and Clarke that the universe gave them another chance.

This new planet is beautiful but knowing my team they’re not going to keep it that way. I’m hoping that this next season surprises me.

Octavia needs to find love. 

Maybe someone will thaw out Octavia’s heart as it’s been on ice since losing Lincoln. The bunker just froze it more. Even if the girl just falls in love with herself it would warm my soul.

Bellarke+Echo = Let’s Not 

 As the biggest Bellarke fan out there, I’m over it! They don’t have to get together but they will not make this season about Bellamy, Clarke, and Echo because we don’t need a love triangle. Clarke is kind of sorta better than that.

Will Season 6 of The 100 Finally Get it Right?

We need more Murphy. 

I didn’t expect Emori and Murphy making it but somehow they’re cute. I need more of Murphy’s back story as he’s a survivor and he deserves some more lines. Season after season he proves he can adapt and there’s no keeping him down.

Hopefully they don’t destroy this new planet that looks like a Willy Wonka ish trip but what fun would it be to watch if they didn’t? I’m interested in learning more about Jordan and how technology has advanced while they were all napping. As long as this season doesn’t end the world again I’m all in. The new season premieres April 30th on CW and I’m certain they will get everything wrong again but that’s life. What are some of your hopes and dreams for the new season? Who do you want to see more of? 

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