The 100 Season 6 Episode 5: #ElizaneedsanEmmy

Holy Josephine and oh my Gabriel! Yes I know I didn’t write a review of episode 4 but my elbow is broken. It was really broken last week but I’m finally getting a little movement and less tension in my arm. Will I go back and review 4 after watching episode 5? It’s very unlikely, because, life. This episode of CW’s coveted The 100 goes all in on everything. Nothing was held back and after this nothing will be the same on Planet Alpha.

The 100 Season 6 Episode 5: #ElizaneedsanEmmy

It appeared to be the happiest place in the galaxy until Jordan fell in love with a girl who randomly forgot him and he played detective to find out why. They got their why and also discovered the secret behind Clarke’s sudden self-forgiveness. It’s hard to hold a grudge after a lobotomy.  After this episode, we really need to talk about getting Eliza Taylor an Emmy because she gave everything this episode. This show is forever asking who is the villain because I don’t know.  Like how did it take the whole episode to discover that Clarke wasn’t really Clarke?

The 100 Season 6 Episode 5: #ElizaneedsanEmmy

“Clarke’s dead my parents killed her and brought me back.” Abby is so busy with trying to save Kane that she didn’t even notice her daughter had been body snatched. I was glad that Bell was the first to figure it out though. Like Josie is interesting but I miss Clarke and her weird moral compass.  “I hope you know this doesn’t end well.” Josie is right this doesn’t end well for anyone especially since Josie knows that the Sky People can make Nightbloods.  Sky Crew is most definitely going to burn Alpha to the ground and pretty much sealed their fate when Bell, Murph, Jordan, and Gaia figured out what was really happening. I mean technology is great but this sounds like the Mountain Men already. How did we not see this coming?

Now that our little Earthlings know the truth behind this cult-like city it has me questioning if the people in the woods are the good people?  “If your silence helps the wrong side. Are you still a hero?” That line in the woods is the line that made me question the moral compass of Sanctum. Why are these people not in the city? Why do they have to live in the woods?

The 100 Season 6 Episode 5: #ElizaneedsanEmmy

Our dynamic duo Diyoza and Octavia are out trying to get to the bottom of it all to get Diyoza’s baby a pass into the Sanctum.  Diy is being all mom like with O. I smiled when she said she was testing her patience because “girl, me too.” The smartest thing Octavia ever did though was dive under into that mystery puddle to save herself from the other unknown. Self-preservation is real all of a sudden for her. I need her to make it back to the city though to help her brother. Bellamy is gonna need it. I have a feeling they’re not going just let him walk knowing what he knows. He was the only one making sense this episode.

The 100 Season 6 Episode 5: #ElizaneedsanEmmy

“We can’t stay here forever and even if we could, what about the other 400 of us?” Bellamy is right. It would be selfish of them to live their best lives without trying to figure out how to thaw out the rest of the dysfunctional family.  I hope he saves the Sky Crew. If anyone can do it, it’s him and Octavia. It’s something about those Blakes. I do however see Echo getting worried about her bae Bellamy and might be the one to fight Clarke’s new host. A fight between the two of them would be epic. I don’t forsee Clarke coming back though. Can you reverse a reverse engineered brain?

Is Octavia trying to break Murphy’s record for almost dying the most? Is Murphy gonna really side with Josie? Can we get more of Diyoza’s back story because she seems to have one hell of a story? When are the Earth people going to Christopher Columbus Planet Alpha? It’s inevitable at this point we all know it. Last but least, when is someone going to give Eliza an Emmy? She had so much fun this episode and I enjoyed watching it.

The only downside to all the crazy is we have to wait until June 11th for episode 6.  What are your thoughts on the new episode of The 100? Will my arm ever extend?


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