Happy Mon(Daé) 25

Mon(Daé) Motivation

Happy Mon(Daè). Don’t forget to make some magic this week! My elbow is still broken so I’ve been a bit of a homebody. It means more time writing and slower typing.

I’m Rockin

Impress nails never really fail me. I’m impressed.

412 Fresh (Events)

There’s a few awesome events coming up. Here are a few of my favs.


Three Rivers Art Festival (June 7th-16th)

Pittsburgh Brunch Crawl (June 15th)

WizardVue Two (June 22nd)

Wizardvue is Bellevue’s very own Harry Potter themed music festival that also celebrates kids and reading.

Issa Anime Party (June 22nd)

Show up to Level Up Studios dressed as your fav Anime ninja and enjoy good music and space. There will be a few vendors there also.

Summer Jam Cookout (June 23rd)

2019 Hustle Her Way Summit (June 28th)

Hustle Her Way is back at it with another extraordinary conference. It’s where business babes network and share deets on their journey to be the best person they can be. Check out my coverage from last year.

Am Reading

Happy Mon(Daé) 25

We’re Going to Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union (Awesome read)

Happy Links

Ben Carson has no idea what he’s doing.

Detective Pikachu Dancing


Lizzo is awesome sauce. I like a lot of her music seems to be her just being unapologetically her.

If Snow Tha Product is on your track that means you’re somebody because she doesn’t just do feature with anyone.

I remember watching YouTuber Inanna in all the comedy sketch videos. Turns out the girl can sang. Love the visual.

Was Becky G the yellow Power Ranger? Yes! Did I know of her before that? Also, yes! I don’t speak Spanish but I still enjoy her music.

Self Promo

I was featured on a local drinking podcast called Drinking Partners. Check it out as we discuss crafts and community.

Don’t forget to check out my book Return to Sender. Available on Amazon.



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