Your Misogyny is Showing

Aye! I loved the video for Cardi B and Meg thee Stallion’s “WAP.” The song isn’t my cup of tea but I applaud these young women for taking control of their own sexuality in and industry that over-sexualizes and demeans women on so many levels. In high school I did my senior project on how hip-hop influenced culture and then a few years later I published an article on how hip-hop creates a culture of misogyny. I’m a little versed on the topic and when I saw the internet (especially other women) tear down Cardi and Meg I immediately questioned why are we still having these conversations?

Your Misogyny is Showing

First and foremost, you can’t claim to be a feminist and want to tell a woman how to be a woman. It goes against everything feminism stands for.  “WAP” made me happy to see women flip the narrative and be large and in charge of every part of their being. This was smart marketing and step forward. You can probably name dozens of songs by men that demean women but there aren’t a lot of songs celebrating everything the woman is. These same people who don’t like the song because “it sets women back” probably like strip clubs, porn, and music videos. Some people only want to see a half-naked woman when they feel it’s right and that’s a problem.  A woman should be what she wants, when and where she wants as long as it’s not doing anything to harm your well-being or affecting your pockets.

I didn’t like the song because I felt like they were going for more shock value and not quality. I was expecting a better song. I grew up with Mia X, Foxy Brown, and the original Lil’Kim and those women all know quality raunchy.

Another argument is that these women are bad role models for young girls. Celebrities do not have to be role models for anyone’s kids. Everyone should raise their kids and not expect Hollywood or even the internet to do so. When you give your kid a phone and there are no boundaries that’s a you thing not a Hollywood thing.  If anything some people are upset that their kid might see the video and it will spark a conversation that adults aren’t ready to have with their children.

Yes, it’s not for children but when have Cardi or Megan been for children? What else did you expect? We need more women to step up and own who are they because at the end of the day if it’s making you uncomfortable than it’s a you problem not a Cardi or Meg problem. You can’t be a feminist and a misogynist, please pick a lane.

Women are more than human vessels that give birth. Women are whatever they want to be. 

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