The New Mutants & The New Movie Theater Experience

I went to the movies recently to see Marvel’s The New Mutants and honestly, it’s not as bad as the critics make it seem. In fact, I was disappointed at the movie experience more than the mediocre movie itself. Back in March, a few days before everything shut down I was at the movies. I faithfully went to the movies every other week on a Thursday evening to watch movies as it was the best date night idea. The movie theater experience felt much cleaner and safer back in March. I don’t know if it’s just that particular AMC Theater but it had its highs and lows.


Walking in, the self-check out kiosk was inoperable because ordering your tickets online is highly recommended since they have an occupancy allowance. That I was impressed about. They impressed me more with a vigorous mask policy. Gaiter masks, bandanas, and masks with valves are banned. Mask wearing is a requirement the entire time unless you’re eating. There are no exceptions and if your mask doesn’t comply, you can purchase one at guest services. They won’t even let you in the theater without a proper mask. I watched employees enforcing this and applauded them on the signage.

giphy (1)

Here’s where it got iffy for me. Back in March, this same theater blocked off all the cloth seating for everyone as I imagine those are hard to clean between screenings. This go around, they had everyone spread a part but the cloth seats are fair game and there’s no way anyone is sanitizing them properly in between movies. This one is a big one for me. How can you feel comfy in the theater sitting in a seat during a pandemic in a seat wondering how many people sat in that seat before you and when was the last time it was cleaned properly? The answer is, you can’t.

It’s like if The Breakfast Club and Marvel had a baby, New Mutants would be it.

The movie itself took a while to movie. The New Mutants spends so much time on everyone’s back story that I was excited when things started to actually happen. The story follows Dani Moonstar and her journey to discover her powers while trying to make friends in this secret mutant facility. There’s literally not much conflict here. I love X-Men (my favorite is The Last Stand) but I don’t read the comics. I’m going to have to find the comic book to see if this movie did these characters and the storyline justice. I felt like as a writer this could’ve been a great television show as there wasn’t enough happening here for me. Alice Braga and Anya Taylor-Joy are my favorite actresses in this movie. They play the parts of Magik and Dr. Reyes to a T. The plot was pretty predictable but I read and write a lot so that’s not saying much. Did I enjoy this movie? The answer is kind of sort of but I felt like this should’ve just went to streaming. My boyfriend disagreed but that’s what relationships are about. I would hate to date someone exactly like me as I imagine it would be annoying. The action scenes are magnificent and makes up for the pace being a little slow at times. I enjoyed March’s Birds of Prey more than this one.


Would I go back to this particular theater during a pandemic? It’s going to take an amazing movie and for me to get the luxury seats but even then I would be hesitant. Although everyone wore masks, it still felt like the theater could do a bit more. Maybe it’s just me and the fact that I’m slowly accepting our new normal but the movie going experience just didn’t feel the same for me. It’s irresponsible that these movie studios are refusing to send these kind of movies to the drive in theaters especially when drive in movie theaters are thriving right now. I would have felt more comfortable in a drive in theater but that’s my preference. Have you been to a movie recently?

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