Not to Burst Your Bubble: Your Pandemic Pod is Way Too Big

You know how they say that every time you have sex with a new person you’ve had sex with everyone they’ve had sex with and so on and so forth? Let’s think of our pandemic pods as so. If you’re in America, there’s a high probability that your pod has burst long ago. Someone in your group has promised that they don’t go anywhere but meanwhile have been out with several people not in your pod. Does it make that person a bad friend for not being upfront and giving their pod a false sense of security? In my opinion, yes especially if that person could be the difference between an outbreak and being safe.

Let’s say Susie goes to a super bowl party at a friend’s house who isn’t in her pod. That host has only invited five people over. Imagine everyone that those five people have had close contact with and then imagine you trusting them not to give you Covid. Some myths I’ve heard are, “I’ve already had Covid” (you can get it multiple times), “I’m young and healthy”, (that means absolutely nothing and translates to them not caring who they give it to), and the simple, “I don’t care about the pandemic” (which makes me question how said persons made it this far in life).

It will be acceptable after all this is over to judge people based on how they handled the pandemic. “Did you wear a mask,” and “what did you do during the pandemic of 2020” should be questions asked on a first date as they both can say a lot about a person’s character. Just because we have a vaccine (that can’t be given to everyone because America has way too much red tape, not enough vaccines, and makes generally everything confusing) doesn’t mean the pandemic is over. I keep thinking about that one person who went to a wedding and came back home just to give it to 7 people (who died) who had no affiliation with the said wedding. Is it worth it? Pandemics are not supposed to be fun. The American people are not supposed to be burdened with saving the economy and pandemic pods only work if the people that are in them stay the course.

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