We Don’t Have to Wait for Mondays for Motivation and January for a Reset

We can start over or motivate ourselves whenever we’re ready and sometimes it’s most powerful when we’re not ready but the universe has other plans.

2023 is here and January and Mondays are when people start making goals and resolutions. I no longer make a to-do list, I make intention lists because the older I get the more I realize that giving myself grace is A-okay. Every time that I mess up, I learn something from it and if I’m determined to learn, I have to keep messing up things.

I got a little more crafty after a Tiktok and made my list of 2023 Intentions into a Bingo Board and I plan on filling the board because who better to be in competition with than my better self who’s hanging out there?

Here are 10 lessons I’ve learned from 2022, and January, and what I hope to accomplish in 2023. I even shared my Bingo Board below.

Past (2022)

We Don't Have to Wait for Mondays for Motivation and January for a Reset

2022 taught me to remember that it’s okay to let people, places, or things go because letting something or someone go leaves room for something else.

2022 taught me that resets are okay and that I’m entirely too hard on myself. I no longer aspire to compare the chapter that I’m currently in, to someone else’s chapter because I don’t know what they’ve been through to get to where they are and vice versa. Social media has made it entirely too easy to be hard on ourselves because people are only sharing their highlight reels. Go forth and fail at something, share it and laugh about it later.

2022 taught me that the people that need to be there will be there for you and it won’t necessarily be the people that you want. The universe has a funny way of laughing at our wants versus needs. Sometimes we don’t even know what we need until it’s there in front of our faces.

2022 taught me that it’s okay to apologize and be wrong but you can’t force someone to accept your apology and you can’t tell people when and how to heal.

Present (January)

We Don't Have to Wait for Mondays for Motivation and January for a Reset

January is teaching me to be patient. I’m not good with this one. In the age of 2-day shipping, I want things to happen faster than I need them to. There’s always a lesson in something so I need to sit still and let the pieces fall where they may. When I’m feeling stuck I always tell myself, “there’s something here. Give it a moment.” And I wait for the lesson.

January is teaching me to put myself out there more. I started the New Year at an NYE party where I ran into a girl in the women’s bathroom and she was crying about a relationship gone sour. I told her that it was NYE and I would buy her and her friend a drink. We hung out the rest of the night and I met two more strangers and pulled them into our group. If I’m good at one thing I like putting myself out and talking to strangers but I learn so much about myself and I get to know others.

January is teaching me to be humble. December went out with a complete bang. In fact, that last quarter of 2022 was interesting but because I’m an optimist, I went with it. Being humble is about being grateful for what I have and where I’ve been as it’s a part of where I would like to go. Nothing will ever be perfect and just when you think things have calmed down, the drain will thaw out from a deep freeze and a day later the ceiling will be leaking. Just go with it as we all know that while we’re busy making plans, life is laughing at us.

Future (2023)

We Don't Have to Wait for Mondays for Motivation and January for a Reset

In 2023 I hope to use my passport to travel to a country that I’ve never been to. So far my favorites have been Beliza and Argentina.

In 2023 I hope to be in the moment more. I spend a lot of time thinking about the past and the future and writing helps me bask in the present.

In 2023 I will put myself out there more and perform at least four open mics.

We Don't Have to Wait for Mondays for Motivation and January for a Reset

Because I’m competitive I liked the idea and I can’t wait to fill my board up. You can definitely find a Bingo template on Canva and go forth and do it yourself. I’ve already started to get some of these goals in motion. For example, this week I was on a podcast that wasn’t even on my board but I enjoyed being in the moment and saying yes to opportunities. I ordered a new mattress and it should be here any day but with Covid and whatnot, not even 2-day shipping is 2-day shipping anymore so I must go forth and be patient.

What are you putting on your 2023 Bingo Board?


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