Hard Enough

Last year I posted a poem a week all February. And I’m doing it again. If you’re interested in purchasing one, let me know as I now have one hanging up in an Airbnb. Want to buy my books? Check out American Hurt https://amzn.to/2U50UhB or
Return to Sender https://amzn.to/31A3PCX on Amazon. 📚 📚📚

Hard Enough

3ams are not the same anymore
When it’s easier to get a gun
Than a higher education

In a country that went from physical to socioeconomical and systematic slavery

“The system doesn’t work,” the oppressed cry and plead for struggles to ease up yet
The oppressed nod and smile behind the scenes knowing who oppression benefits

We gave you rights, a home with a high interest rate
So when you can’t find a job or fall on hard times it’ll be easier to take

Black people are 13 percent of the population but make up 38
Percent of the jails
This is no dream that Mr King dreamed
This is a systematic hell

Black people created a Black Wall Street
Just for it to be burned to the ground
Black people created their own havens
Like Oscarville
White people came to town flooded the city and watched the people drown
Even gave it the name Lake
like the things those black people built weren’t even there

“They just they just don’t try hard enough?”
Hard enough is tough when the government gets intimidated and labels you a terrorist organization for getting educated

Hard enough is exhausting when you started the race 200 years late and you have to deal with oppression and hate
Black people have tried just for others to make a mockery
and black people still manage to make up the highest rate of poverty

Hard enough is knowing that your ancestors build infrastruce that still exists today
Oppression didn’t go away
The government paid a fee to the slave owners after setting them all free
That set the tone of how Black Americans were set up to fail
Meanwhile White people already had generational wealth

“I don’t see color” makes me cringe and I too am grateful that Black People just want equal rights and not revenge.

📸 Original Non Manipulated Photo by Colin Lloyd


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