Conquer Your Queendom: Stop for Gas on the Way to Your Goals

I gave my first keynote speech at Grlpwrpgh’s inaugural Conquer Your Queendom Conference on April 28th 2019. At first when founder of Grlpwrpgh, Amanda Cowan asked me to speak I was all, “What am I gonna talk about? I have no idea what I’m doing or how I got here. Who is gonna listen to…

Why I Choose Carlow?

“I was a fan of Carlow before I could even fully comprehend college and I have the Polaroid somewhere to prove it.” I still remember it like it was yesterday. Little old me jumping up and down on the small dormitory bed in my soft pink nightgown feeling like the coolest kid in the world….

Happy Mon(Daé) 22

It’s another Monday and as an optimist I’m out here trying to spread the good in the world any way that I can. I’m learning that I give excellent advice but I need to take said advice myself. Cheers to an awesome week and saying goodbye to June. Where is 2018 going? Mon(Daé) Motivation 412…

Braddock: Why I Came Back

Braddock is rather resilient. A town of approximately 2,100 people with a median income of a little over $20,000 is building a new identity and looking to the people to help lead that transformation

& Happy Mon(Daè) 012

Happy Monday and first day of Spring. It’s crazy we had spring in February and winter in March. Winter is definitely not leaving like a lamb. Next month’s shenanigans include me buying my Cedar Point Season Pass and a 90’s Bar Crawl (The 90’s were all that & after last year’s shenanigans my tickets are…