& Happy Mon(Daè) 012

Happy Monday and first day of Spring. It’s crazy we had spring in February and winter in March. Winter is definitely not leaving like a lamb. Next month’s shenanigans include me buying my Cedar Point Season Pass and a 90’s Bar Crawl (The 90’s were all that & after last year’s shenanigans my tickets are already purchased).

I love New Girl. I swear of Jessica was an actual person. I’ve watched seasons of New Girl at least three times and they’re all still hilarious.

& I’m Rockin

Anyone who knows me has heard of my Colour Pop addiction. I’ve tried various lipsticks (it’s all I know how to wear) and surprisingly I’ve found a contender for Colour Pop. Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit Matte doesn’t have a lot when it comes to variety of shades but I’m deeply in love with their durability. I can eat, drink and live my life without worrying that my lipstick is playing magic tricks on me. Also, unlike Colour Pop’s matte it doesn’t crumble and is easy to reapply when necessary. The application itself is freakin’ magical. My favorite shades are Video Vixen and three stores later I finally found Goth Topic (which gives me life).



Wet N’ Wild Goth Topic
Wet N’ Wild Video Vixen

Besides my lipstick addiction, I’m addicted to All Stars. I may not have many of them but I love the ones I do. My parents brought me two pairs for my birthday and I finally treated myself to the Harley Quinn’s. One pair in particular that stands are the Hi Guard Sneaker. They’re so different but they’re also very comfortable. I get compliments on them every time I wear them.

I have a bit of a problem. Journey’s is where it’s at.

& 412 Fresh

90’s Bar Crawl | April 15

Last year I attended this event and my oh my! The participants were decked in Starter Jackets, Toon Squad hoodies, Power Rangers costumes and I showed up in my DARE Sweatshirt. The participating venues spun 90s music all night long and served specials all night long. So of course I brought my tickets already.

Epic Food Truck Rally | March 25th 

10 food trucks, no cover and the venue is a brewery. What else could you possibly want?

Braddock Carnegie Library’s Chili Cook Off | March 25 

Everyone likes chili cook offs unless you’re me (I don’t eat beef or pork so I opt for alternative ways to make chili). This is an annual event and it brings quite a crowd each time. Your ticket gets you a bowl to fill up over and over again and then you get to vote on a winner. Brew Gentleman will be pouring brews to cleanse your palette. Couldn’t get any better than that. And I may show up just to support the library. It was my second home after all.

Food Truck Round Up Under the Bridge | April 8

Food trucks are life! 

& Now Playing

Ariana Grande – Everyday 

Futuristic – The Wave 

Tayler Buono – Technically Single

& Happy Links

ADD is a Youtube Channel is pure comedy. My favorite right now has to be their staff playing dodge ball against professional dodge ball players.

The Coolest Granny Ever Went on Spring Break and Had an Awesome Time

The World’s Greatest Roller coasters (I’ve been on at least three of these!) 


With so much chaos in the world I’ve always been one to focus on the good. That’s why I’ve decided to start mentoring the kids at the library (where I discovered my love for books).

Hope everyone has a positive week!



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