So You Want to Start a Blog?

So You Want to Start a Blog?

Ayye! Nice blog how do I start one? I’ve had several people ask me this very question to where at one point writing this post was haunting me in my sleep. Instead of a step by step guide on how to start some epic blog here are some of the best tips on how and where to get started.

So You Want to Start a Blog?

First figure out your niche.

That’s what all the blogs say but actually, write first and then figure out your niche. I started my blog in junior high as a way to vent (most of those posts are hidden now). It wasn’t until after college that I picked it back up realizing I had something. Worry about your niche later and write some quality content.

WordPress vs Blogger vs Squarespace vs Wix vs other

All of these platforms are great for bloggers. I personally use WordPress as I wanted a blog with a few web pages as Squarespace is a few web pages with a blog added. Blogger is just really easy to use. It’s notorious for making blog customizations super easy. WordPress has so many great plug-ins like an SEO helper and spam filter. Each of these platforms offer you an opportunity to purchase a domain from them. Think of your selected platform as your house and your domain as your address. You’re going to have to pay for your address as it eventually pays for itself.

So You Want to Start a Blog? vs

If you want to earn money by posting affiliate links, just skip using the free and opt for There’s a difference! Sometimes it takes money to make money. If you’re aiming for a portfolio blog, start on as it’s just the basics. Org is for adding plug-ins, customizations, and being a boss. Blogging is a hobby that gets me free stuff so I have a I’m also cheap so I didn’t purchase a host and I decided to buy my domain from Org requires you to have your own host. Skip all the nonsense though and go with Squarespace or another platform that comes with a host and domain. It’s more like a turnkey approach where everything is ready.

So You Want to Start a Blog?

Write, Write, and continue writing

After you’ve found out where you want to host your site, what you want to call it, and discovered your dream domain isn’t taken, write content. Write what you’re passionate about or people will see right through it. Don’t get trapped in writing about what you think people want to read as that’s a dangerous road to travel and it’ll make you want to pull your hair out. I’ve noticed that if the person that is writing their blog is passionate about the topic, anything can be interesting. There is no such thing as bad stories, just terrible story tellers.

Share your blog with everyone

Be that annoying friend and tell everyone you have a blog. I’ve had people offer me free beauty products, food, and even event tickets because I’m going to enthusiastically write about these people, places, and things. If you don’t talk yourself up, no one else will.

For a while it may feel like blogging is talking to yourself but with persistence it slowly develops into something great. If you already love to write you’re ahead of the game as writing is the hardest part of actual blogging. What will you blog about? Go forth and share your awesome ideas with the world!

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